Ensuring the best possible quality of life for animals and promoting respect and reverence for all

Ensuring the best possible quality of life for animals and promoting respect and reverence for all

Monday, August 23, 2010

Dog Days of Summer!

A tail-wagging good time was to be had for all down at the San Lorenzo Benchlands on Saturday, August 21st as the Santa Cruz SPCA hosted its first annual “Dog Days of Summer” festival. Over 400 families and their four-legged companions flocked to the event to frolic in the sunshine and participate in a whole host of activities.

The public and their pets were invited to peruse local vendors and artisan booths, participate in a raffle and silent auction loaded with awesome prizes, and strut their stuff in doggy pageants! Agility and Search and Rescue demonstrations were performed throughout the day in the lower arena, while CBS’s Survivor star, SPCA board member and Event MC Lex Van Den Berghe kept everyone entertained with his wise-cracks and enthusiasm in the main ring.

The festival coincided with the 5th anniversary of the Hurricane Katrina airlifts in which the Santa Cruz SPCA, thanks to generous donations by Doris Day and countless volunteer, airlifted over 180 animals to safety and new homes. Many of these animals and their families turned out to support the event by participating in a beautiful and touching “Katrina Remembered” survivor pageant. It clearly demonstrated the power of love and determination embodied by “The Little Shelter That Could”. SPCA Director Lisa Carter was present to welcome the very survivors she once helped rescue and was overjoyed to witness the difference she made in their lives.

Volunteer event coordinator Heather McCurdy led an impressive group of SPCA Staff and Volunteers through the biggest event in Santa Cruz SPCA history which succeeded not only in raising much needed donations for the SPCA, but provided dog lovers from all over the Bay Area with a wonderful and fun weekend activity that will be remembered for years to come!

Many, many thanks to all the sponsors, donors, volunteers and staff who made this event everything it was.

Please support the SPCA by patronizing the local businesses who have given so much to the Santa Cruz SPCA.

Also, be sure to check out Portia Shao's blog of Positive Vista Photography Studios for more awesome photos of this incredible event! (My personal favorite is the one of the pony meeting the Great Pyranees!)